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Frames are computer designed, cut and built in a factory environment utilising precision machinery and experienced design and fabricator staff.  Once transported to site, the wall frames are erected by the client’s construction team and forms the backbone of your structure.  This is a cost effective and time saving process, allowing your team to get on with the next stage of upper level floor or erecting trusses, rafters or roof solutions.  The building becomes weather tight and secure earlier than would be the case if the frames were constructed on site. 

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We pride ourselves in creating certifiable solutions for extensions to existing homes or buildings which (over time) have become “out of square” and/or the rules or methods of building have changed.  Utilising our design and manufacture expertise ensures the addition fits just right and in line with current building codes and regulations, saving hassles and possible delays.

Once you order your (PFT) Frames, we can provide a print out of the exact footprint for your foundations to be measured to (at no additional charge), before you even start.

Pre-ordering your frames (rather than building them on location) eliminates unnecessary storage of packets of timber on site, exposed to nature’s elements, and inhibiting site access.
If your site is steep or has a restricted access, just let us know prior to manufacture and we will design the frames in such a manner that they can be man handled easily on site.

We stand by our reputation to support our client to make the job as easy for them as possible.

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