Build Process

Requirements and Consent Phase

Once you decide you want a new building, an extension or alteration to an existing structure you’ll need someone to put your ideas into a drawing that can be interpreted by the eventual build team and will comply with relevant building codes for the structure.

An Architect or Architectural Draughting Technician will need to be enlisted. They, in turn may consult additional persons such as Engineers for specific engineered components of the build, or Timber Structural Designers (like ourselves) to check feasibility to get the plans passed for building consent.

How can Prenail help?

Design Phase

Once your building is consented and you have authority to build on the site, then we can be programmed to supply the frames, trusses and related products in the weeks ahead. These are designed and manufactured in our building and delivered to site by independent carriers.

Our process begins by dissecting and assimilating what the Architect or Architectural Draughting Technician has designed. Whether we supplied any design work previously or not, we can still be involved in your build. We interpret the plans and re-create a “design within the design” of your build to break down the plans wall by wall, truss by truss so that our design becomes a jig saw for our manufacturers to cut and assemble piece by piece and coded for the builder to reassemble the components on site. We ensure that the elements are structurally correct and comply with all relevant building codes. We set preferences for each Client upon their specific requirements and factor these in to the individual designs.

Prenail Frames and Trusses apply the latest computer technology and industry specific know how to the products we supply. This is the most efficient and cost effective way of building in most instances and can be relied upon by our Clients.

We can even link you to our sister company, Design @ Our House if you need a set of Architectural plans created in the first instance!

Manufacture Phase

Once we have a firm order, we can often produce foundation plans with further information specific to the construction team setting out the building foundation work so that all contractors are on the same page. This is an additional offering and in most cases is covered as part of the manufacture costs (i.e. no additional charge).

If you have an addition we will need to programme in a site measure to get the roof pitch and other relevant information and measurements to ensure we design allowing for idiosyncrasies of an existing building that may have got “out of square” over the years, or building practices have changed and require our Designers to “match in” to existing structures, whilst also complying with current building codes.

Delivery and Assembly Phase

Once the structures are braced and secured on site by the builder, the rest of the build continues such as roofing, cladding, electrical and plumbing etc, until we are advised that the Client is applying for Code of Compliance. This is when Prenail Frames and Trusses will issue certification to the Client or relative territorial authority (Local Council) to expedite the building sign off for Code of Compliance.

We always welcome being invited to any stage of the build as we are always interested in the successful outcome to our Clients, Builders, Architects, Engineers and others related to the project.

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