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For Architects & Designers

Creating a great impression for your clients is imperative. Talk to Prenail’s Timber Structure Designers and we’ll produce a structural timber design solution that’s sure to impress. With a bit of forethought, we can often reduce the amount of expensive steel specified without compromising the structural integrity or design purpose; ultimately saving your clients on build costs in the long run!

For Builders & Project Managers

Building is hard work, and there are too many things to worry about. Talk to us about getting the structure designed, manufactured and delivered to site with the care and forethought to the possible challenges of your project. Contact us early if you have complexities to consider. We will see you right! By choosing Prenail (PFT), your build will be in safe and reliable hands.

For Home Owners

Building a house can be daunting. Let Wellington’s Prenail leader lend a hand. Have your Designer, Builder, Project Manager (or yourself, if you are leading your build) invite us to join your team “to ensure no stone is left unturned” for your home or building to become the one of your dreams or aspirations!

Build Process

Prenail (PFT) can help at every stage of the requirements; from buildaable layouts for consent, structural design feasibilty, manufacturing and delivery process. We excel at providing you with a smooth and simple build process, from the initial enquiry to the final assembly of (PFT) supplied product on site.

Step One

Our qualified Designers will assist you or your Architect to create cost effective superior frame and truss solutions at design feasibility stage so that you can be confident the design will structurally comply with the Building code and current legislation when it is submitted for building consent.

Step Two

We’re very familiar with the consent process and our experienced team ensure the (PS1) Truss design, Lintel / Beam and Fixing documentation to support your consent is a compliant, cost effective solution from the get go; reducing avoidable delays with RFI’s from Council.

Step Three

Design is where Prenail (PFT) really shines! Our expert designers will think constructively and design in ways to save you time, materials and money with industry-leading processes and an astute attention to detail when preparing the plans for manufacture.

Step Four

All of our frames and trusses are built in our factory by our team of detail-driven fabricator specialists, who work closely with our on-site designers to bring you superior frames, trusses and related structural components, unique to your project.

Step Five

We arrange for delivery to your site when you need it. We supply detailed, waterproof assembly instructions with the delivery, enabling your builder to work smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t worry, your builder can read our documentation, no matter the weather and we are just a phone call away, should further assistance be required.

Why choose Prenail?

Highly Qualified

Industry specific staff development, training and qualifications

Highly Capable

Highly capable with difficult or challenging projects

Highly Trusted

Trusted to deliver excellent outcomes for over 35 years

Highly Experienced

Highly experienced industry specific design and fabrication staff

Locally Owned

Independent, locally-owned design and manufacturing plant

Client Focused

Saving Client's time, effort and money through early engagement and guidance

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