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Our team consists of qualified draughtsmen and designers, trained builders, experienced and innovative detailers, quality conscious fabrication staff and dedicated office personnel.

Prenail Frames and Trusses takes pride in the way it empowers its employees from the office detailing and design tasks through to manufacturing and dispatch to continually find ways to improve our products and services for our clients. Investment in training and cadetship programmes designed in-house which utilise wider technical programmes through BCITO and the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand allows Prenail Frames and Trusses to remain with its strong reputation in achieving effective solutions for the more difficult projects.

Philip Broadley

Director and owner
NZCAD Nat. Dip. (A.T.), NZCFTD (BCITO NZ Cert. Frame and Truss Detailing)
LBP Design 2

Owned and operated Prenail Frames and Trusses Ltd., (PFT), since 2001. Previously worked as the Sales Manager for an industry supply chain company and successfully worked for and achieved ISO 9002 standards accreditation. Has extensive architectural design, sales and project management knowledge and experience. Currently working with BCITO in an advisory capacity for the Frame and Truss qualification framework. Accredited member of the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association of NZ, and is an active member on the FTMA Executive Committee since 2019, furthering his commitment to the Frame and Truss sector.

Steve Bayard

Design Lead
BCITO NZ Cert. Fame and Truss Detailing

Steve has always had a passion for Architectural integrity. His early years working with (PFT) were as a cadet, supported with a number of extra-mural study papers that form part of a NZ Diploma in Architectural Technology. During this time, he became a competent Timber Structure Designer before his big OE to Australia where he gained invaluable experience working for one of the largest Frame and Truss Manufacturers in Victoria. He was exposed to factory efficiencies and production methods far larger than his NZ counterparts. Nearly a decade later, Steve returned to NZ just as the Covid-19 pandemic was unfolding and before NZ went in to lock down. It was not long before he returned to the (PFT) fold to unleash his passion for great design. Steve’s structural feasibility knowledge and technical application means he often works on the larger commercial, or architecturally challenged projects. He has great enthusiasm to impart knowledge where possible and develop business, design and mentoring skills further. He is still an avid footballer, playing and coaching in the Wellington Region, whilst still remaining sharp with his golfing prowess!

Joseph Hamilton

Timber Structure Frame and Truss Designer
Bach. Creative Tec. NZ Cert. Frame and Truss Manufacturing

Joseph is our creative design extraordinaire, having completed his Degree in Creative Technologies and gained practical experience whilst working as a window joiner alongside his father early in his career. Like others before him, Joseph started on the factory floor manufacturing first, then has applied himself in the design office with the knowledge he has gained. Joseph works well with some of our repeat, regular clients and is diligent in applying the best outcomes for them. He has nearly completed the NZ Cert. in Frame and Truss Detailing and has completed a few papers in Architectural Technology to support his learning. Joseph has a creative approach to many things, but is always striving to give sound, consistent service and communication in all aspects of his work.

Kevin Howard-Green

Estimator / Timber Structure Designer (Cadet)
BCITO NZ Cert. Frame and Truss Manufacture

Like much of our team, Kevin started out in the factory manufacturing frames and trusses first. He applied himself well and is one of our early successes completing his Certificate in Frame and Truss Manufacture. He is now studying for his Certificate in Frame and Truss Design as he works alongside our more senior team. Kevin is no stranger to the building industry having witnessed his father build many houses in his younger days. Kevin was surrounded by practical examples of doing things right and knows the frustrations builders can have on site if things go wrong. From watching, and helping his father from time to time, Kevin has echoed his methodical practices to ensure he covers off everything related to the project at hand. Whether that is pricing for supply, or early design feasibility for building consent documentation or design for manufacture. Kevin has a keen ear for the stock markets and is a keen adventurer, “going bush” whenever he gets the opportunity.

Sam Rainey-Smith

Build Lead

National Certificate in Carpentry

Sam owned and ran his own construction business for many years, constructing quality high-end homes, before working in an architectural design company in technical management. His building experience, and times critiquing and working with architectural plans, councils, engineers, and designers means he is well positioned to structurally design for practical application for our builders and repeat clients. Sam’s meticulous attention to detail is second to none. Don’t worry, he would have already thought about challenges on site, building code restrictions, and of course… your personal preferences, if you have worked with Sam before!

Sharlene Broadley

Dip. Business Studies (Management), Dip. Interior Design

Sharlene has a passion for design and is administratively across both Prenail, and her architectural design company on a day to day basis to ensure the wheels keep in motion and her staff can thrive! Both Phil and Sharlene have owned Prenail (PFT) for over 20 years together and are proud of the depth of knowledge and experience they have fostered with all of the team. This is evident in the quality of the design solutions and manufactured product experienced by our clients and the positive feedback on a regular basis. Sharlene is always up to something, and spare time is scarce! On the odd occasion she gets to play tennis, wake surf or ski and enjoys socialising with friends and family.

Frame and Truss Fabricators

As a manufacturing plant, we have experienced regular, long standing frame and truss fabricators which aids in the quality of work we produce. We put this down to the team environment and the progressive and supportive culture amongst fabrication and office staff. We have redeveloped the building to give better work flow, and pride ourselves as having a quality building to support us for the decades ahead.

All of our full-time fabrication staff have either achieved the BCITO Certificate in Frame and Truss Fabrication or are currently on the BCITO apprenticeship programme whilst gaining experience through team leadership by our more senior staff. Development and recognition of our people is how we maintain quality workmanship and consistencies for our Clients.

Give us a call and make a time to pop out to meet us and learn how we can best service yours and your client’s needs for quality made frames, trusses and related products.


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