RFS Form

Please fill out as many of the details below as you have available and then forward the Architectural files you have to hand, including Specifications, Engineers Calculations etc. Our Designers will interpret the intent of the design and offer cost effective structural specification changes (where applicable) if involved early enough in the design process. Ie., suggest less costly steel in some areas of the build.

  • Upon completion and return of this form, (with the related concept, or building concept drawings), Prenail (PFT) will provide a Buildable Truss Layout, Lintel Design, Fixings Schedule and Preliminary Fabricator Statement / Pryda PS1 within our usual turnaround of 10-15 workings days. However, there may be further conditions in relation to this process or timings (i.e., dependent on excessive workloads) and will be communicated with you prior to engaging our Designers.
  • The cost of providing this service is at a rate of $140.00 + (GST) per hour, and any other sub-contracted work such as engaging independent Engineers fees. However, in most cases we will hold off charging for the hourly design time when we have had an opportunity to quote for supply of the nominated product; been accepted by the bill payer, and a nominal deposit paid to secure the manufacture with (PFT) in due course. This is the most cost effective way of achieving the design early for consent, (ie, not an additional, separate design cost, as it is covered off in the manufacture of most of the structural elements to your build). Our preferred way of working with you is when the Client (future home or building owner) locks (PFT) in for manufacture in due course to receive our sort after design assistance for their Buildable Layout for Consent.  These designs take precedence over all other design requests and ensures the client receives the design “with our compliments upon manufacture”.  Ie., no up front fees specific for the Consent Documentation.
  • You will receive a Buildable Truss Layout, Lintel & Fixings Documentation for Consent Request. If there are amendments to plan after the Buildable Layouts and related designs have been completed, (PFT) reserves the right to charge for additional redesign services.  Please contact us early when considering changes, as even small changes can affect load path distribution and be more costly than anticipated for the overall build.If an invoice for Independent Engineers fees, or chargeable design time is forwarded to you, or your Client, payment will be required prior to release of any Documentation.
  • This preliminary work will become void upon manufacture of actual trusses and a Finished Plan, Fixings Schedule and Final Producer Statement will be provided by the manufacturer.
  • Should the manufactured product be produced by an alternative fabricator, then all certification and responsibility will pass to the alternative fabricator.
  • Changes to the building design (concept or dimension) from the plans supplied will void all preliminary documentation.
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