Builders and Project Managers

We design and manufacture frames, trusses, rafters, structural beams and related building products for the housing market, and light to medium sized commercial projects such as hospitals, retirement homes, wineries and schools. Our products and services are the back bone support to new structures, additions or redevelopment work.

We welcome involvement at any stage from concept, working drawings through to manufacture. With our extensive knowledge and experience, you can rest assured knowing that by choosing Prenail (PFT) your build will be in safe and reliable hands.

Specific Benefits to Builders and Project Managers for choosing Prenail

Engaging Prenail (PFT)

The best place to start is to send us the appropriate set of plans to quote, along with your current contacts, or business name, and billing address. We will quote via e’mail to you, with instructions on how to place your order, outlining any further details we may require such as on the Request for Manufacture form (RQM). This is where you can outline your preferences in the way you intend to build. Ie., whether you will use thick or thin jams, indicate if you are using Gib rondo battens, your Fascia choices, and any other specific requirements unique to the build; or how you like to receive on site.

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